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A Sparkling New Kitchen Remodel

A picture of the new cabinets and tile.


What did we do?

Originally, this kitchen had a tile floor that did not match with the rest of the room, a crowded corner of dingy cabinets and a door that made the environment unwelcoming. The clients wanted to change this by changing the color of the tile, replacing the old cabinets and adding a glass door.

We replaced the run-down cabinets with new but old-fashioned cabinets from Cabinets to Go. We also replaced the sink, tiled the floor and added backsplash. The countertop is now a granite slab and the door is sliding glass.

How do these features enhance the room?

The large glass door at the end of the kitchen gives more light and makes the kitchen more cheerful. The space has been opened up to show off the new cabinets. The tile now extends to the living room, making the two rooms flow into each other. The new 12x24 tiles in gray are a wonderful improvement. The cabinets cover the walls of the kitchen, leaving ample room for the dining table.

The new cabinets are much more colorful and the vibrant contrast between the dark red of the of the cabinets and the white countertop and floor is dramatic. The added light from the glass door makes the all the materials sparkle.

The contractor enjoyed the sturdy material of the cabinets, as they were not easily damaged. There was minimal electrical or plumbing changes.

Share and Comment below if you enjoy this remodel. If you would like to have changes to your bathroom or kitchen done, check out our contact page.

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