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A Contemporary Bathroom Upgrade

Shower and Tub

What did we do?

For this bathroom remodel, we removed the existing sunken tub, replacing it with a stand-alone tub and a tiled shower with glass walls. The custom shower glass came from Jack Smith Glass and Sash in Santa Rosa.

How does this enhance the room?

These features give the bathroom the modern look it was missing before. Our clients wanted to update their bathroom and these features give the sleek look they wanted. The features lengthen the bathroom space and enhance the room without having to change the floor plan. The black octagonal tile chosen by the client brings the whole room together.

Not having to change the structure of the bathroom helped make this remodel run smoothly. After the original tub was removed, the floor was leveled and a pony wall was added between the tub and the shower.


Mirrors and Medicine Cabinets

What did we do?

We replaced the existing medicine cabinets and lights with new antique style mirrors and modern lighting. We also added siding planks behind the mirrors that were painted to match the vanity.

How does this enhance the room?

These changes update the bathroom to be more inviting. Our clients enjoyed having the double sinks, but the original lighting and cabinets were not well placed or adequate. These updated colors and light fixtures chosen by the clients make the room peaceful, contemporary and sophisticated.

The vanity did not have to be removed. The boards for the background were added on top of the wall and then both painted to match. The easy access to wires helped the contractor be able to do electrical work conveniently.

Share and Comment below if you enjoy this remodel. If you would like to have changes to your bathroom or kitchen done, check out our contact page.

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