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Classic Yet Stunning Shower Tiles

What did we do?

We installed tile in the shower, the shower floor, and the bathtub surrounding it. As you can see here, the client chose to have a white subway tile and gray diamond patterns as accents. A unique pebble floor was installed into the small shower. Most of the tile was simple, but tub inserts with complex patterns were installed to dress up the shower without having to spend money on dozens of fancy tiles. The tiles you see here were purchased at Emser Tile, Santa Rosa.

How does this enhance the room?

The diamond insert floor was a traditional pattern that was easily installed by the contractor. The designer enjoys the gray and white pattern that gives this classic pattern a modern style. The trickiest part was laying out the pattern carefully so that the diamonds looked uniform and the tile wasn't cut in odd places.

These tub inserts dress up the shower, giving it a shine and color that enhances the whole room. The pattern was consistent and easy to install since there weren't many different sizes to put together.

The pebble on this shower floor looks very interesting, especially for a small shower.The smooth pebbles are like river stones. They can be matched to just about any wall tile. They come in sheets and since it is an irregular pattern, can be cut in any way without looking bizarre, making the installation fairly easy. All of the tile was simple, yet together, were effective in creating a modern yet traditional bathroom.

Share and Comment below if you enjoy this remodel. If you would like to have changes to your bathroom or kitchen done, check out our contact page.

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